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Name:Firedancers: Lovers of Dave Matthews Band
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Community description:Fans of Dave Matthews Band
Welcome to Firedancers, DW's first community for fans of Dave Matthews Band. Here, we discuss shows, songs, band members, and anything else that relates to DMB. Come in, grab a drink, and join in the conversation!

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There's another aspect to this community, though, and it's always given the "firedancer" another meaning to me: that of activist. Fire has been used as a metaphor for life in art since humans first began creating art. To live life fully, to really participate in the world around you, is to dance in the fire. We all know that DMB are socially & politically active in causes they believe in, and I think a lot of us would do well to follow that example.

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boyd tinsley, butch taylor, carter beauford, dave matthews, dave matthews band, jam, jeff coffin, leroi moore, live music, rashawn ross, stefan lessard, tim reynolds
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